Above  the Wing

  • Guest check-in and ticketing
  • Passenger Boarding and Special Assistance
  • Flight Reconciliation and flight close out procedures
  • Delayed Baggage services
  • Flight Reports and file retention
  • Airport Customer Surveys
  • Cargo Acceptance, screening and booking
  • Cargo sales reporting

Below the Wing

  • Aircraft Marshalling
  • Aircraft parking, loading and unloading
  • Aircraft towing
  • Safety checks and audits
  • Ground power AC/DC
  • Aircraft de-icing: Type 1 and 4
  • Aircraft Grooming
  • Freshwater and lavatory services
  • Aircraft external heat supply
  • Ground Equipment Maintenance
Passenger Handling

The safety and comfort of our customers is our priority. We provide friendly, informative and efficient check-in service and we attend to any special needs our customers may have. We handle reservations, airline ticketing and we are happy to provide any additional information to make all of our customer's travel experience stress-free and pleasant. If your luggage has been delayed en route, we can help with that as well.

Ground Support

We are highly experienced in all airline ground support service functions and requirements. We provide aircraft loading and unloading, aircraft marshalling, aircraft towing, lavatory servicing, aircraft grooming, ground power support and Type 1 and 4 aircraft de-icing. All of our ground support services are performed by qualified personnel who perform their duties to the highest safety and operational standards.


Ironman provides top-notch air cargo service for any customers who prefer to use airline service over ground delivery. We coordinate and facilitate incoming and outgoing cargo shipments, advise our customers on timelines for delivery and provide tracking options to ensure deadlines and expectations are met.

Ground Service Equipment
& Fleet Vehicle Maintenance

Ironman handles a multitude of airline contracts which requires a large fleet of reliable ground service equipment. We troubleshoot, repair and
complete preventative maintenance on all motorized and non-motorized ground equipment. We also liaise with our various airline maintenance and operational departments to reduce delays due to any minor GSE mechanical issues.